Yep, It's all going trough writing.

3. april 2012 at 16:35 | S. |  Zápisky
When I'm thinking about what should I do in future. Always there is, that i wanna create nex thinks. Clothes, shoes, books. Yes, it's decided. I'm going to be journalist and writer. But how? I have to start now, becose it's never to soon to be sucesfull. I'll probably start here, on my blog. Becose it's the closest way to succes. To braktrough. Why I am writing in the english? Becose I am trying to emprove it. And although I was without target, now I have one. Not one. Much of them and I'm going to work really hard to acheav them. Now I gotta go, my trainig starts during few minutes. My friend will pick up me at home and drive me there. Nice, isn't it? I feel like a princes. I have my own driver :D. Bye bye! Next article will be in spanish. Oh... how bad :D Succi, (Suki)

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